Want a little bit of this, but not quite so much of that?

Many businesses are getting concerned about giving free access to the public. They are also concerned about tracking employee access as well. The benefits of card access systems are many, too many to list here. It is through keyless access that employees and guests can be tracked and allowed or denied access as programmed. It is a cost savings tool as well. Once in place, you will not have to worry about keeping track of keys and re-tooling locks whenever an employee resigns or is let go.

There are a variety of systems offered by State Security including Browser Based and Web Based systems as well as traditional software based solutions. Many of our offerings integrate with Time and Attendance systems if desired. Whether proximity, smart card, or biometrics, if you have a need, State Security has the solution!

  • You design the System!
  • Different types of access of times of the day
  • Different access for different people
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