At State Security, we offer the best detection devices on the market today.

While no company can prevent a break-in, State Security offers the best detection devices available on the market today. We have many resources and offer solutions that fit your business or home security needs. Our approach to security is honest. We do not focus on cutting costs to get your business, but rather on giving you the genuine protection level you need and desire at a fair and competitive price. Intrusion detection is paramount in today’s environment. Let us help you make a good first choice or provide ways to improve on what you already have.¬† As always, State Security offers only¬†nonproprietary intrusion products so you never have to worry about being boxed in with something no other reputable company can service or monitor.¬† This policy should add to your peace-of-mind when dealing with State Security.
  • Non-Proprietary Equipment
  • Easy Billing
  • Consulting to help clients find best fit
  • Cost Savings…
  • No hidden fees
  • No escalating fees