I’ve been in the security business long enough to know that thieves are attracted to certain types of homes and businesses. They look for easy prey and can spot them immediately. It’s called casing the neighborhood, and any thief worthy of his or her “craft” will do due diligence by looking for home or businesses that appear even the least bit susceptible.

Door left unlocked or propped open, open garage doors, place where they can hide, such as overgrown bushes or dimly lit areas, unkempt lawns— these are things that give burglars the green light to rob your home or business.

So don’t give off the wrong signals. Don’t let your home or business become an easy target. Here are five things that thieves hate the most. Protect yourself, your loved ones and your possessions from predators who are looking to take advantage.

A thief’s motivation is to get in and out as fast as he or she can without being detected. But don’t make the job east for them.

  • Make some noise
  • Lighten up
  • Be watchful
  • Establish a security routine
  • Install a security system