Just as you would protect your home, there are certain measures you can take to prevent your business from being robbed. All businesses are unique and should have individualized security needs based on hours of operation and whether the business makes cash transactions on a daily basis.

Business owners, whether they have a small mom-and-pop establishment or a large-scale corporation, would benefit from a security audit to see just how secure their businesses really are as well as learn ways they can better safeguard their investments — namely their employees, products and profits.

A security company would look for a number of things, from how well lit a parking lot is to whether exterior doors are functioning properly.  A professional company would give them ideas of how they can increase security and let them know of areas that need to be addressed.

When State Security conducts audits, they often find exterior doors to be a source of concern. That’s because they are either broken (a spring or hinge needs to be repaired) or these doors are being left propped open, because employees use it to go in and out for breaks.

Criminals look for these things.

In addition, if someone has recently bought a business with a security system already in place, State Security can test the existing system to make sure it’s working the way it should, he said.

Not all businesses would warrant having a security system. However, having one in place is just one more step in your line of defense.

If you are a business owner, think about your individual situation, and then consider how a thief would think about robbing you. For instance, when it’s closing time, a person working at a fast-food establishment would typically lock the windows and doors and dim the lights to indicate that the business has closed for the day. Employees usually exit using the back door, and they might have a bank deposit to make on their way home.

Wouldn’t you want to be able to know what sits outside that back door before you leave the building? Having a security camera would allow you to see as much as possible before leaving.

Below are some additional common-sense tactics when it comes to keeping your business and employees safe.

  1. Lock doors and windows every night
  2. Lock inside doors and/or desk drawers that contain valuable or sensitive materials
  3. Perform background checks
  4. Invest in a safe
  5. Install a security system