Mike Neff Owner/Partner

Brian Sherman Owner/Partner

Our Founders

Mike Neff & Brian Sherman first met at ages 11 & 12 years old, playing youth baseball together at Mound City Little League in Newark, OH. They went from starting out as competitors, to playing on middle school all-star teams together, to ultimately becoming teammates in high school football, basketball, and baseball at Newark High School. In fact, State Security’s maroon colors are an homage to Newark High School.

Years later, Brian was working for an electronic security company and asked Mike to join him and his team. Thereafter, the owner of the company was ready to sell and Brian and Mike readied themselves to purchase the company as their own-- but it wasn’t meant to be. The company was sold to a larger group instead.

However, Brian and Mike were determined to own their own security company. They met one night in 2008, laid down 5 credit cards on the kitchen table as their only lines of start-up capital, and convinced their wives to trust in them to start their own company: State Security was born.

Being best friends for years laid a strong foundation for the initial challenges of their new start-up business. And while outsiders told them it wasn’t a good time to start a business, and that going into business with friends is a bad idea, Brian and Mike always believed they could make State Security a thriving company for themselves, employees and clients. In the end, they were right.

To this day Brian and Mike are the sole owners and operators of State Security. They rely on their deep roots, can-do attitude, and teamwork to make State Security a place where they always do what’s right for their customers. This is proven in their commitment to using only non-proprietary equipment, and their strong client-base, who rely on State Security to secure their businesses, investments, and organizations-- most of which are repeat customers with a strong relationship with Brian and Mike.

"State Security has always been our go-to company for handling our security needs. Whether it be sensors or cameras & installs or repairs, they have always taken care of us. Their techs are always courteous & educated and have handled our needs in appropriate amounts of time. You too can rely on State Security to handle your security needs”
- Doug Dingey, Director of Maintenance and Facilities, Tarrier Foods Corp.

Why is Using Non-Proprietary Security Important?

Some security companies use proprietary security systems, which means that you the customer are obligated to use that system and its provider for life. That can turn into a major problem if you’re unsatisfied with the level of service you’re receiving or if the equipment being used becomes too expensive or needs to be expanded upon or replaced.

For that reason, we only use nonproprietary alarm, security and surveillance products so that you’ll never be roped into using overly expensive products or experience the feeling of being left behind once installation is complete.

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