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While no company can prevent a break-in, State Security offers the best property access and alarm and detection devices available on the market today. We have many resources and offer solutions that fit your business, school, or home security needs. Our approach to security is honest and trustworthy. We do not focus on cutting costs to get your business, but rather on giving you the genuine protection level you need and desire at a fair and competitive price. Upon initial consultation and discovery, we’ll work with you to provide security alarm installation and monitoring via closed circuit television systems, UL/FM Central Stations, property access control with key card entry, intercom systems and more.

Property Access Control

Card access systems are increasingly in demand as many workplaces are looking for solutions to both prevent free access to the public, and tracking employee access. The benefits of card access systems are many. It is through keyless access that employees and guests can be tracked and allowed or denied access as programmed. It is a cost savings tool as well. Once in place, you will not have to worry about keeping track of keys and re-tooling locks whenever an employee resigns or is let go.

As always, State Security offers only nonproprietary intrusion products so you never have to worry about being boxed in with something no other reputable company can service or monitor. This policy should add to your peace-of-mind when dealing with State Security.
"Our experience with State Security has been easy, informative, and quick! We interviewed several security companies and found State Security to be the most informative, upfront, and transparent. We found comfort in their suggestions and are happy with the ease of use and customer service."
- Amy Wilcox, Chief Operating Officer - Crimson Design Group

Why is Using Non-Proprietary Security Important?

Some security companies use proprietary security systems, which means that you the customer are obligated to use that system and its provider for life. That can turn into a major problem if you’re unsatisfied with the level of service you’re receiving or if the equipment being used becomes too expensive or needs to be expanded upon or replaced.

For that reason, we only use nonproprietary alarm, security and surveillance products so that you’ll never be roped into using overly expensive products or experience the feeling of being left behind once installation is complete.

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