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In most cases fire alarm systems are mandated by the local, state, and federal governments. They are essential for the protection of life and property. However, that is not to say that all fire alarm and prevention systems are created equal, nor that you are left without choices. At State Security, we pride ourselves on fast, courteous responses to all customer questions and concerns, inspecting and installing cost-effective fire safety and prevention systems tailored to your needs, and using nonproprietary equipment, so you’re never locked into lifelong contracts.

Whether you have a fire alarm, suppression and extinguisher system in place or are starting from scratch, and whether you’re looking for a solution for your business, school or home, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll begin the process of assessing your current situation and building a custom fire alarm system.

Fire Services Provided

  • Fire Alarm Installation/Testing and Inspection with Building Report - All equipment used is entirely nonproprietary, so you won’t be roped into lifelong contracts, and property evaluations and customized security systems can be fit to suit most any needs. Get in touch for a free consultation to assess your particular requirements.
  • Fire Suppression Test and Inspection with Building Report
  • Fire Extinguisher Test and Inspection with Building Report
"We have used State Security for all our alarm monitoring needs at our US sites. The team are always efficient, friendly and get us taken care of in tight timescales.”
- Keith Bennet, Special Projects & Business Development Manager, BrewDog USA

Why is Using Non-Proprietary Security Important?

Some security companies use proprietary security systems, which means that you the customer are obligated to use that system and its provider for life. That can turn into a major problem if you’re unsatisfied with the level of service you’re receiving or if the equipment being used becomes too expensive or needs to be expanded upon or replaced.

For that reason, we only use nonproprietary alarm, security and surveillance products so that you’ll never be roped into using overly expensive products or experience the feeling of being left behind once installation is complete.

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