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No two schools are alike and depending on your school’s particular needs and the safety measures and equipment already in place, you may need relatively minor adjustments to your existing security systems or a complete system built from scratch. Or perhaps you’re just looking for more hands-on support and problem solving. The wide range of solutions a given school requires means that for us the most important step in the process of creating your custom security system is our first conversation where we simply listen to your challenges with the end goal of creating a cost-effective, customized school security system that gives you and your staff and students peace of mind. Please feel free to get in touch if you’re ready to have that conversation.

Security Services

All equipment used is entirely nonproprietary, so you won’t be roped into lifelong contracts, and property evaluations and customized security systems can be fit to suit most any needs. Get in touch for a free consultation to assess your particular requirements.

Alarm Systems

Security alarm installation and monitoring via closed circuit television systems, UL/FM Central Stations, property access control with key card entry, intercom systems and more.

Fire Protection

Fire alarm installation, fire extinguisher tests and inspection, fire alarm tests and inspection, fire suppression test and inspection.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems, Radio Alarm Monitoring, remote property access control and our customer support provide 24/7 monitoring of your property

Some customers require all of the above, and some have partially complete security systems that can be supplemented with new equipment. Regardless of the state of your security operations or what’s required, we’d love to discuss your particular situation and find a solution specific to your needs.

“Our institution needed a total security package with video surveillance, intrusion detection, door access control, panic buttons and video doorbells. They then did the security installation on time and on budget, with no problems. Michael was very responsive to our questions before, during and after the installation. Ongoing support has been excellent. I highly recommend State Security.”
- Phil Weinerman, Congregation Ahavas Shalom

Why is Using Non-Proprietary Security Important?

Some security companies use proprietary security systems, which means that you the customer are obligated to use that system and its provider for life. That can turn into a major problem if you’re unsatisfied with the level of service you’re receiving or if the equipment being used becomes too expensive or needs to be expanded upon or replaced.

For that reason, we only use nonproprietary alarm, security and surveillance products so that you’ll never be roped into using overly expensive products or experience the feeling of being left behind once installation is complete.

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