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Whether your security requirements are generated by day-to-day operations, specific business needs or outside regulations and requirements, we take all of that into account when designing a new or upgraded security system.

We know there is more to security than equipment. State Security will help you shoulder the burden of asset management and control, so you’ll have the freedom to operate your properties with the peace of mind that comes from feeling better informed and supported and being fully protected. From small single buildings to multi-campus commercial office complexes, providing a safe, secure environment for employees and visitors within the constraints of today’s budgets is a challenge for every property manager. State Security will help you manage your resources and safeguard your property, whatever size your building may be. Because we install alarm, surveillance and access control systems that can monitor what goes on in and around your facilities at all times, so you can focus on your business.

Security Services

All equipment used is entirely nonproprietary, so you won’t be roped into lifelong contracts, and property evaluations and customized security systems can be fit to suit most any needs. Get in touch for a free consultation to assess your particular requirements.

Alarm Systems

Security alarm installation and monitoring via closed circuit television systems, UL/FM Central Stations, property access control with key card entry, intercom systems and more. Learn More

Fire Protection

Fire alarm installation, fire extinguisher tests and inspection, fire alarm tests and inspection, fire suppression test and inspection. Learn More


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems, Radio Alarm Monitoring, remote property access control and our customer support provide 24/7 monitoring of your property. Learn More

Some customers require all of the above, and some have partially complete security systems that can be supplemented with new equipment. Regardless of the state of your security operations or what’s required, we’d love to discuss your particular situation and find a solution specific to your needs.

"It’s unfortunately rare to find such professional integrators and I’m extremely pleased with the work that State Security did here."
- Mike Atwood,

Why is Using Non-Proprietary Security Important?

Some security companies use proprietary security systems, which means that you the customer are obligated to use that system and its provider for life. That can turn into a major problem if you’re unsatisfied with the level of service you’re receiving or if the equipment being used becomes too expensive or needs to be expanded upon or replaced.

For that reason, we only use nonproprietary alarm, security and surveillance products so that you’ll never be roped into using overly expensive products or experience the feeling of being left behind once installation is complete.

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