Is your commercial security system working?

Would you know if it wasn’t? Many business owners invest good money in purchasing top-quality security systems. However, they often do not consider the importance of proper maintenance and upkeep of their system. If you are lucky, a system would send false alarms alerting you that it is malfunctioning. But, more likely, damaged systems will stop working and not communicate anything. Security systems fail for any number of reasons, including:

• Door contact and wires can become loose over time
• Motion sensors or detectors get dirty
• Panel batteries for back-up and loss-of-power situations become old and need to be replaced

Either accidentally, or out of ignorance, security systems get damaged, especially during remodeling projects, rendering them inoperable and exposing companies to undetected intrusions. During remodeling, contractors will inadvertently pull, disconnect and sometimes even cut wires. And without preventive maintenance, you would never know. Keeping your security system up and running requires minimal effort, especially if you hire a professional security company to conduct regular checkups. Professional individuals will rigorously test systems to make sure the central station is properly receiving signals. Depending on the age of a security system, tests would be conducted quarterly, semiannually or annually. Having a professional conduct these routine inspections takes the burden off of the business owner, and could mean the difference in deterring potential break-ins as well as alerting you of intruders.

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