Most people feel safe in their homes, when they go to work, and when they send their children to school.

However, it only takes one intrusion and theft to shatter this sense of security. And unfortunately, most people don’t think about how frequently these types of crimes happen until it is too late.

The FBI estimates that more than 2 million burglaries occur each year in the United States. This has resulted in about $4.6 billion in lost property. To give you and your family the best possible peace of mind State Security recommends you take measures before a break-in occurs. One way to accomplish this is by investing in a home security system and monitoring.

Professional security companies are able to offer state-of-the-art detection devices and monitoring systems. They focus on giving you the equipment and services necessary to immediately detect an intrusion and notify you, and to possibly scare an intruder off before any significant damage is done. A professional security system can include everything from panic pendants, door and window contacts, motion sensors, high resolution cameras, and round-the-clock monitoring.

One of the most advanced ways to secure your home or building is through surveillance. High-definition security cameras provide a video feed of your surroundings, and modern systems can provide up-close and detailed information. With a high quality camera details such as license plates and even faces at a distance, can clearly be seen. Today’s technology allows homeowners and business owners to view the camera feed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Your home, assets and family are at stake and a high quality, and properly installed security system can give you peace of mind because you can be confident it’s actually doing what it’s supposed to do. While no security system is fail-proof, it can provide some extra confidence for you, your family or your business.

The employees of State Security have over 30 years of combined experience when it come to commercial and residential security systems. Get in touch to discuss your home’s security improvement needs.